Innovation Grants

Each year, DollarWise offers USCM members the opportunity to apply for an award through its Innovation Grants program. As of 2017, DollarWise has awarded Innovation Grants to 34 cities.

2015 Innovation Grants recipients

Member cities of The United States Conference of Mayors are eligible to apply for the DollarWise Innovation Grants. Each year the program awards three grants of $10,000 each to cities to expand and enhance their financial literacy efforts. DollarWise awards one Innovation Grant to a city that provides financial education to residents in an English as a Second Language program, one grant to a city that integrates financial education into a prisoner re-entry program, and one grant to incorporate financial education into a a public/assisted housing initiative. The application processes for both the Innovation Grants and Summer Youth Campaign Grants begin each November. Winning cities are announced the following January at the U.S. Conference of Mayors' Winter Meeting in Washington, D.C. Innovation Grants (see map above) have been provided to a wide variety of communities across the country, maintaining and expanding creative and innovative financial education programs.

2017 Innovation Grant Winners

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray

The City of Lexington has been awarded an Innovation Grant to provide financial education training to participants in its GLOBAL LEX Center, a local community organization that provides ESL training and other services to Lexington’s immigrant communities in over 154 languages.

Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser

The City of Washington, D.C. has been awarded an Innovation Grant to expand its “Aspire to Entrepreneurship Program,” which trains members of the City’s re-entering community to develop and operate businesses while providing tools for attaining financial capability.

Youngstown Mayor John McNally

The City of Youngstown has been awarded an Innovation Grant to provide financial education and entrepreneurship training to re-entering residents participating in the Youngstown Metropolitan Housing Authority.

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